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MediCompare provides insurance for sports teams whether you are professional, semi-pro or recreational. Managers and athletes can receive cover for things ranging from health conditions, injuries, sports equipment, training, travel, sports venues and more.

For accidents, injuries and public liabilities, MediCompare can offer personalised policies for athletes and also for groups and teams. We want to make life easy so you can get back to focusing on the pitch and not worrying about what is happening in the dressing room.

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We are pleased to offer coverage for the following sports teams:

Our 4 Sports Team Insurance Options

Depending on the level of sports player insurance you choose your policy could include:

Sports Key

  • Essential level of in-patient cover

  • Cover for sports related injury

  • Post admission consultations, tests scans

  • Hospital cash back (up to £250 per night)

  • Stress Counselling Helpline/Health & Wellbeing Services

  • 24 hour GP advice line

  • Overall Annual Maxium Benefit limit £50.000


All the benefits of Sports Key and…

  • Out-patient consultations, diagnostics and treatment

  • Treatment booking service for non-eligible treatment such as elective surgery

  • Additional pool of out-patient benefit for teams of 6 or more players

  • Overall Annual Maximum Benefit limit: £1,000,000

Sports Plus

All the benefits of Sports and…

  • Full cancer cover*

  • Full radiotherapy and chemotherapy cover*

  • Cardiovascular conditions cover

  • Overall Annual Maximum Benefit limit: £1,000,000

Sports Elite

All the benefits of Sports Plus and…

  • A higher benefit limit for out-patient consultations, diagnostics and treatment

  • Included therapies benefit on a risk share basis 50/50*

  • Overall Annual Maximum Benefit limit: £1,000,000

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What is Included in Sports Team Insurance?

Depending on the level of sports player insurance you choose your policy could include:

In-patient Health Benefits*


  • Accommodation, nursing care, surgeon and anaesthetist fees
  • Theatre costs, intensive care costs, drugs, dressings and consumables
  • Diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Physiotherapy
  • Oro-surgical operations and procedures
Out-patient Health Benefits*


  • Initial consultation and specialist fees
  • Initial diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Subsequent consultation and specialist fees
  • Subsequent diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Physiotherapy and complementary medicine
Other Benefits*


  • NHS cash benefit
  • Life cash benefit
  • Health and wellbeing services
  • Stress counselling helpline
  • 24 hr GP advice line
  • Lifestyle rewards


There is a lot to think about when arranging sports insurance whether for an individual or an entire sports team.  If you need experienced professional help, MediCompare is here to help you compare health insurance.  We work with a number of leading insurance companies in the country and are able to tailor a policy to suit your needs and budget.

Sports Accident Insurance

Sports accident insurance only covers amateur activities not professionals.  For these purposes, ‘professionals’ are those that earn over £10,000 per year* from sport participation. This includes match referees and officials.


Sports accident policies are designed for sports teams and people to cover certain accidental injuries incurred while participating in their designated sporting activities.  They also can cover the travelling to and from matches, a training session, a competition or organised tour.

These benefits could include:

  • Legal liability coverage resulting from accidents causing death, bodily injury or damage to a third party. Participant to participant is covered for Category 1 sports only. (Must be over 16 years of age.)
  • Team out-patient benefit and cover whilst touring
  • Complementary services such as making bookings service for non-eligible treatment

Examples of benefits may include payouts such as:

Lump Sum

  • Payable to you or your estate during an accident in your covered sport that causes permanent loss of sight or hearing, loss of use of one or more limbs or your death
  • Payable if an accident occurs that causes permanent total disablement which prevents you from working in any business or occupation

Cash Benefit

  • Temporary total disablement due to an accident which keeps you from working for more than 30 days (unless you are under 16 years of age.)
  • Torn ligaments & broken/fractured bone for which you need hospitalisation
  • Joint dislocation of bones which need general anaesthetic or traction for treatment
  • Physiotherapy required to treat an injury
  • Dental cover for accidental injury that occurs during covered sporting activities
  • Hospital stay for treatment of accidental bodily injury during play of your covered sport
sports team Insurance

What Factors Affect The Cost of Sports Team Insurance?

  • Type of sport played – Is there a lot of physical contact? Is there heavy lifting involved? Those sports with more physical contact will be considered a higher risk to insurance firms. A fair rating system is in place that ranks Golf or Jogging as a category 1 while higher risk sports like Skiing or Skydiving are Category 4 sports. If you participate in two or more sports your premium will be based on the sport with the higher risk category.
  • Terrain – Where the sport takes place can affect price since some playing fields will be higher risk of injury and accident than others. For instance, an ice hockey rink and mountain biking can potentially cause more damage to participants than playing on a table tennis table or badminton court.
  • Occupation – Your line of work could influence your premium and some jobs that involve manual labour could make your more prone to back or leg injuries.
  • Group size – Policies which cover larger groups or teams may reduce the sports insurance premiums for every individual added to the policy.
  • Level played – Whilst this falls under amateur, there is a difference between levels and those with more competitive football or rugby may be at a higher risk of injury than those who play in a simple work league.
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What is Public Liability Insurance For Sports Teams?

Participating in amateur or professional sports means can sometimes expose you to other members of the public – especially those played on public football grounds, schools, parks, leisure centres and roads.

In the event that a passerby or spectator is hurt during a sports match, they may take legal action and demand compensation if they feel that they have been unfairly hurt. For instance, a loose football hits an elderly spectator in the face or a stray cricket ball injuring a passerby.

By having public liability insurance for sport purposes, you are able to protect anyone else around you and this will pay for any damages to the victims. This also includes any damages to public property such as a cricket ball smashing a window or breaking a scoreboard – this cover can pay for any repairs and replacements involved.

Tips For Reducing Your Premiums

Athletes and teams should have a good look through all the cover included in a policy because there are likely to be several things that they will not require. Have a think about the number of training sessions and games you play as this will allow you to match up just the right amount of cover.

A smart way to make a saving is to restrict your hospital choices. If you can use an NHS hospital instead of a private hospital, you can make quite a saving.

One of the most common ways to save money on any insurance policy is to take advantage of paying a higher excess. In the event that you need to claim, the athlete or team will have to pay the ‘excess’ which is a one-off fee and once paid, your insurer can pay you out for any medical bills or damages.

For Example: If you pay a £200 excess per claim and your treatment cost £5,000, you pay only the first £200. The insurance company would pay the rest (£4,800.)

By choosing to pay a higher excess than average, it is like saying that you are willing to fit more of the bill. But you hope that you won’t need to claim in the first place so you must agree to this at the beginning of the insurance term. But as a way of thanking you for agreeing to pay more, your insurer will lower the cost of your insurance significantly. The average excess paid for individuals across all insurance products is around £200 to £300* but you can choose to pay up to a maximum of £3,000.


What is Sports Health Insurance?

Sports Health Insurance, as opposed to Sports Accident Insurance, defines amateurs and professionals as those who receive any fee, donation or benefit-in-kind for participating in their sport during play, coaching, or training whether it’s at a club, county, national or international level.

You may be able to enhance your basic sports coverage with these add-ons:

  • Choose premium private hospitals that offer single private rooms with en-suite facilities for in-patient accommodation, menu choice, flexible visitor times and other facilities consistent with a modern private facility
  • Sports travel insurance
  • Worldwide Travel Insurance which covers worldwide healthcare, global repatriation, trip cancellation or curtailment.
  • Winter sport coverage
  • Personal possessions cover
  • Personal Liability and Personal Accident cover
  • Pre-existing conditions cover (for an additional fee)

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