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The ABC’s of Mindfulness

December 25, 2017
by Sharon Darwish

One of the buzzwords of the decade, mindfulness has been associated with everything from boosting students’ mental health during exams to...

What is an Aneurysm?

December 14, 2017
by Tula Geliot

An aneurysm is caused when an artery is enlarged due to a weakening of the arterial wall. An aneurysm can form...

A Guide to Laser Hair Removal

December 14, 2017
by Tula Geliot

Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular alternative to common forms of hair removal such as shaving and waxing. This...

A Guide To Acupuncture

December 5, 2017
by Mairead Finlay

Acupuncture treatment has often been surrounded by controversy. Some are extremely pessimistic of the extent to which it is effective...

How To Get Rid Of Flu

December 1, 2017
by Mairead Finlay

As the nights grow colder and darker than ever before, we can often find ourselves getting ill. Indeed, if there...