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Rugby is a sport that demands physicality, skill, and a certain level of risk. Whether you are part of a professional club, university team, or a recreational league, protecting yourself against potential risks is crucial.

Rugby insurance provides coverage for a range of situations, including injuries, healthcare, preventative care, and more. This keeps players safe, and gives them peace of mind knowing that even in a worst case scenario, they will be cared for both financially and medically.

MediCompare can offer personalised policies for rugby players and also for entire rugby clubs. We want to make life easy so you can concentrate on your sport, not on worrying about medical bills or the inability to keep playing.

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We also offer coverage for the following sports teams:

What Is Rugby Team Insurance?

Rugby team insurance is a type of coverage designed to protect against accidents, injuries, or property damage that may occur during training sessions, matches, or other rugby-related activities. It is designed to protect:

  • Rugby clubs
  • University rugby teams
  • Youth or amateur rugby clubs
  • Semi-professional players
  • Rugby players
  • Rugby coaches
_What Is Rugby Team Insurance

What Does Rugby Team Insurance Cover?

Depending on the level of sports player insurance you choose, your rugby club’s insurance policy could include:

In-patient Health Benefits*


  • Accommodation, nursing care, surgeon and anaesthetist fees
  • Theatre costs, intensive care costs, drugs, dressings and consumables
  • Diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Physiotherapy
  • Oro-surgical operations and procedures
Out-patient Health Benefits*


  • Initial consultation and specialist fees
  • Initial diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Subsequent consultation and specialist fees
  • Subsequent diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Physiotherapy and complementary medicine
Other Benefits*


  • NHS cash benefit
  • Life cash benefit
  • Health and wellbeing services
  • Stress counselling helpline
  • 24 hr GP advice line
  • Lifestyle rewards


Why Is Rugby Insurance Important for Rugby Clubs?

Rugby is a physically demanding sport with inherent risks of injuries and accidents. Sports insurance ensures that the team and its members are adequately protected against medical risks involved, as well as the financial burden that may come from medical expenses.

Sports insurance also helps provide peace of mind to players, coaches, and club officials, allowing them to focus on the game without worrying about potential financial repercussions.

Are Rugby Teams Legally Required to Have Sports Insurance?

No it is not a legal requirement, but many sports governing bodies and leagues require teams to have specific insurance coverage as a condition of participation.

Certain types of coverage, such as employers’ liability insurance, are compulsory. Employers’ liability insurance is mandatory if a rugby club has paid employees or uses volunteers.

Can Individual Rugby Players Get Their Own Sports Insurance?

Yes, individual rugby players can get their own personal sports insurance coverage. This can be particularly beneficial for players who engage in rugby outside of their club activities or who need additional coverage beyond what the team’s policy provides. Personal sports insurance can cover medical expenses, loss of income, and other related costs resulting from rugby-related injuries.

Can Sports Insurance Cover Rugby Teams When Playing Overseas?

Yes, sports insurance policies can often be extended to cover rugby teams when playing overseas, but this depends on the specific terms and conditions of the policy. If your team frequently plays overseas matches, you should consult your insurance provider and arrange cover. This might be included, or it might be available by paying a bonus. MediCompare can help you get personalised coverage to fit your unique needs. Get a fast, free quote by clicking here.

What Should Rugby Teams Do in Case of an Accident or Injury?

Your first step should be to ensure the injured party receives prompt medical attention. Provided your rugby team already has insurance, your next step should be to report the incident to the insurance provider, following their specific reporting procedures.

Document all relevant details, including witness statements, medical bills, medical reports, photographs, and any other evidence that may support the claim. Your insurer may request additional information from you. Be sure to comply.

Are Professional Rugby Players Covered Under the Team’s Sports Insurance Policy?

Sometimes. Professional rugby players often have their own individual insurance coverage provided by their clubs or governing bodies. However, for amateur or semi-professional teams, the sports insurance policy can often cover both amateur and professional players associated with the team.

Does Rugby Team Insurance Cover Rugby Coaches?

Sometimes. Some sports team insurance policies provide coverage for non-playing club officials, coaches, and volunteers. This coverage may include personal accident coverage for injuries sustained while carrying out club-related duties and public liability coverage for claims.

Can Sports Insurance Cover International Players Participating in the Team?

Yes, many do, but this depends on the specific terms and conditions of the policy. This is why you should always inform the insurance provider about the participation of international players to make sure that coverage extends to them and to clarify any extra documents you may need to submit.

Does Rugby Insurance Provide Coverage for Player Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy?

Some do! Sports insurance policies for rugby teams may include coverage for player rehabilitation and physiotherapy expenses. This coverage is typically designed to reimburse the reasonable and necessary costs associated with the treatment and recovery of rugby-related injuries. 

Can Rugby Insurance Cover Temporary Replacement Players?

Yes, rugby insurance can often cover temporary replacement players when regular team members are unable to participate. This coverage may include personal accident coverage and liability protection for the temporary replacement players during their participation with the team.

Can Rugby Insurance Cover University Rugby Teams

Can Rugby Insurance Cover University Rugby Teams?

Yes, rugby insurance can cover university rugby teams. Many insurance providers offer specific sports insurance policies designed for university sports clubs and teams.

If you need coverage for your university team, you can talk to one of our professional insurance advisors who can match you with the best policy for your needs. Click here to request a callback.

Can Rugby Insurance Cover Non-contact Versions of the Sport, Like Touch Rugby?

Yes, rugby insurance can often cover non-contact versions of the sport, including touch rugby or other modified versions. The coverage provided may be adjusted to reflect the lower risk of injury associated with non-contact rugby, so you might even save money!

Can Rugby Insurance Cover Amateur and Recreational Rugby Teams?

Yes, rugby insurance can cover amateur and recreational rugby teams. Many insurance providers offer sports insurance policies that cater to the needs of amateur and recreational sports clubs and teams, including rugby.

Our 4 Sports Team Insurance Options

Depending on the level of sports player insurance you choose your policy could include:

Sports Level

Sports Key


Sports Plus

Sports Elite

In-Patient Cover
Sports Related Injury Coverage
Post Admission Consultations, Tests, Scans
Hospital Cash Back (up to £250 per night)
Stress Counselling Helpline/Health & Wellbeing Services
24-Hour GP Advice Line
Overall Annual Maximum Benefit Limit£50,000£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,000,000
Out-Patient Consultations, Diagnostics, and Treatment
Treatment Booking Service for Non-eligible Treatment
Additional Pool of Out-Patient Benefit (Teams of 6+ Players)
Full Cancer Cover*
Full Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Cover*
Cardiovascular Conditions Cover
Higher Benefit Limit for Out-Patient Consultations, Diagnostics, and Treatment
Included Therapies Benefit (50/50 Risk Share Basis)*



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