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From youth football clubs to university teams to professional leagues, football carries inherent risks, both on and off the field. Football team insurance exists to protect players, coaches, travel and clubs against medical, financial, and legal challenges.

These policies are designed to mitigate the risks associated with injuries, property damage, liability claims, and other unforeseen circumstances that may arise during football-related activities. This keeps players safe, and gives them peace of mind knowing that even in a worst case scenario, they will be cared for both financially and medically.

For accidents, injuries and public liabilities, MediCompare can offer personalised policies for footballers and also for entire football teams. We want to make life easy so you can get back to focusing on the pitch and not worrying about what is happening in the dressing room.

Simply enter your details into our form and a member of our team will be in touch immediately to discuss your requirements. All quotes are completely free of charge and no obligation.

We also offer coverage for the following sports teams:

What Is Football Team Insurance?

Football team insurance – also known as sports insurance for football teams – is a type of insurance policy designed to protect football clubs and football professionals against various risks and liabilities associated with football. It typically covers:

  • Football clubs
  • Individual football players
  • Semi-professional players
  • Football coaches
  • Other football officials
  • Volunteers 
What Is Football Team Insurance

What Does Football Team Insurance Cover?

Depending on the level of sports player insurance you choose, your football team’s insurance policy could include:

In-patient Health Benefits*


  • Accommodation, nursing care, surgeon and anaesthetist fees
  • Theatre costs, intensive care costs, drugs, dressings and consumables
  • Diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Physiotherapy
  • Oro-surgical operations and procedures
Out-patient Health Benefits*


  • Initial consultation and specialist fees
  • Initial diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Subsequent consultation and specialist fees
  • Subsequent diagnostics including MRI and CT scans
  • Physiotherapy and complementary medicine
Other Benefits*


  • NHS cash benefit
  • Life cash benefit
  • Health and wellbeing services
  • Stress counselling helpline
  • 24 hr GP advice line
  • Lifestyle rewards


Are Football Teams Required to Have Sports Insurance?

No, there is no legal requirement for football teams to have sports insurance in the UK, but it is strongly recommended. Many football governing bodies, leagues, and associations require clubs to have adequate insurance coverage as a condition of participation in official competitions. 

Most importantly, sports insurance provides essential protection against financial liabilities that could arise from potential injuries, property damage, or legal claims.

How Can Football Teams Get Sports Insurance?

Football teams and individual footballers can get insurance through various insurance providers specialising in sports coverage. MediCompare can connect you with a sports insurance specialist with absolutely no charge on your end. Our experience in the sports industry means we have access to exclusive deals. 

Our expert advisors can help assess your club’s needs, recommend suitable coverage options, and secure competitive quotes from multiple insurers. Click here to apply for a fast, free quote or to chat to an advisor.

Can Football Insurance Cover Footballers Participating in Exhibition Games?

Yes, football insurance can usually cover footballers participating in friendly matches or exhibition games. However, it can always be worth checking beforehand to be sure you are getting the amount of coverage you need. 

Are Footballers Covered for Injuries Sustained During Off-Season Activities?

Sometimes, yes. The coverage for injuries sustained during off-season activities may vary depending on the specific football insurance policy. Some policies may include coverage for injuries that occur during off-season training, while others may have limitations or exclusions.

Can Footballer Insurance Cover Pre-existing Player Injuries?

Sometimes, but it is very uncommon. Sports insurance policies generally do not cover pre-existing injuries or conditions. 

Insurers typically exclude coverage for injuries that existed or were known before the policy’s effective date. Each policy may have specific terms and conditions, which is why working with a broker can come in handy.

Can Football Insurance Cover University Football Teams?

Yes, it can! Many sports insurance policies are able to provide coverage for student athletes participating in football activities. If coverage is not available through the university, individual footballer insurance policies could be a good option.

How Much Does Football Team Insurance Cost?

The cost of sports insurance for football teams can vary based on several factors, including:

  • The level of coverage
  • The size of the football club
  • The number of players and employees
  • The club’s claims history
  • Other risk factors such as pre-existing conditions

MediCompare can take all these factors into account and present you with a quote for how much your insurance would cost. Click here to get a fast, free quote from us today.

How Can Football Teams Make a Claim Under Their Sports Insurance Policy?

To make a claim under a sports insurance policy, football teams should notify the insurance provider immediately after the incident or as soon as reasonably possible with all relevant details.

You may be given forms, or asked to provide supporting documentation such as medical reports, invoices, receipts, witness statements, or incident reports.

Keep copies of all correspondence, claim forms, and supporting documents for your records.

Does Football Insurance Cover Youth or Amateur Football Teams?

Yes. Insurance providers offer specialised policies tailored to the needs of these teams. Coverage may include player injury protection, liability coverage for the club, and property coverage for equipment and facilities. 

Can Football Insurance Cover Amateur or Recreational Football Players?

Yes, football insurance can cover amateur or recreational football players. Amateur players may need less coverage (for example, they may be unlikely to need income protection) so discuss your needs with a broker to get the best value deal that suits your needs.

Does Footballer Insurance Cover Player Transfer Fees or Contracts

Does Footballer Insurance Cover Player Transfer Fees or Contracts?

No, sports insurance policies generally do not cover player transfer fees or contracts. These aspects are usually managed separately through contractual agreements between the clubs involved and the relevant football governing bodies.

Insurance coverage is typically focused on protecting against risks such as player injuries, property damage, liability claims, or event cancellations.

Can Football Insurance Cover International Tours or Tournaments?

Yes, sports insurance policies can often be extended to cover international tours or tournaments. Factors such as destination, duration, and specific activities planned during the tour may affect the premium or require additional coverage. If you foresee the need to cover your team or yourself for international games, be sure to specify this upfront.

Are Spectators Covered by Football Team Insurance?

Sometimes, but this is rare. Sports insurance policies primarily focus on covering participants, officials, and the football club itself.

Some policies may include limited coverage for spectators’ injuries or property damage, especially if it is caused by the club’s negligence.

Are Coaches Covered Under Football Team Insurance?

Yes, sports insurance for football teams often includes coverage for coaches and often even volunteers. This coverage typically provides protection if they get injured while carrying out their official duties for the football club.

Does Sports Insurance Cover Non-football-Related Activities Organised by the Club?

Sometimes, but not often. Sports insurance policies primarily cover activities directly related to football and official club operations. Non-football-related activities, such as social events or fundraisers, may not be automatically covered.

Our 4 Sports Team Insurance Options

Depending on the level of sports player insurance you choose your policy could include:

Sports Level

Sports Key


Sports Plus

Sports Elite

In-Patient Cover
Sports Related Injury Coverage
Post Admission Consultations, Tests, Scans
Hospital Cash Back (up to £250 per night)
Stress Counselling Helpline/Health & Wellbeing Services
24-Hour GP Advice Line
Overall Annual Maximum Benefit Limit£50,000£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,000,000
Out-Patient Consultations, Diagnostics, and Treatment
Treatment Booking Service for Non-eligible Treatment
Additional Pool of Out-Patient Benefit (Teams of 6+ Players)
Full Cancer Cover*
Full Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Cover*
Cardiovascular Conditions Cover
Higher Benefit Limit for Out-Patient Consultations, Diagnostics, and Treatment
Included Therapies Benefit (50/50 Risk Share Basis)*



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