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What are steroids?

September 20, 2017
by Sophie Knight

  Also known as corticosteroids, steroids are an anti-inflammatory medication that is commonly used to treat a wide range of...

What is a Placebo?

September 7, 2017
by Sophie Knight

  A placebo is anything that appears to be a “real” medical treatment – but it is in fact, not....

Caffeine Uses and Side Effects

September 6, 2017
by Sophie Knight

Caffeine is an extremely common chemical typically found in things like tea, coffee, coca-cola and other products. Caffeine works by...

What is Liposuction? 

August 31, 2017
by Sophie Knight

    Liposuction is basically a cosmetic surgery used to remove any unwanted fat from the body. What it is...

How do antibiotics work

August 29, 2017
by Sophie Knight

We live in a time which we are very fortunate to have access to antibiotics and medicines in general. Before...