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Do all Wisdom Teeth need to be removed?

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No, when there is enough room for wisdom teeth to grow safely then they won’t have to be removed. Many people’s wisdom teeth grow perfectly normal and they do not need to get them removed.

Taking out your wisdom teeth unnecessarily means that you are unnecessarily imposing risks on yourself.


Are people getting their Wisdom Teeth Removed unnecessarily.

Many people are under the misconception that it is essential to have their wisdom teeth removed even if they are not causing any issues. However, doing so can be unnecessary and possibly harmful.

In a study published by The American Journal of Public Health, over two thirds of wisdom tooth extraction is completely unnecessary. Dr Friedman, who carried out the study believes that a major reason for this is the profit incentive for dentists. The large profit margins available to private dentists for carrying out wisdom teeth removal mean that they are more likely to encourage their patients to have the surgery.

Bearing in mind that of the five million wisdom teeth removals carried out each year eleven thousand patients suffer from issues such as ‘permanent paresthesia’, which means numbness resulting from nerve damage.

This risk is usually worth taking if you will benefit from wisdom teeth extraction because your wisdom teeth are causing other issues but if you have no problem with your wisdom teeth then there is absolutely no point taking this risk.

How do I know if I need to get my Wisdom Teeth removed.

Obviously, the best person to ask this question to is your dentist. Without making a specific case assessment it is impossible to assess whether you really need to get your wisdom teeth removed.

However, when your wisdom teeth are growing normally and their growth is not impacting the development of your other teeth then you you don’t need to get them removed.

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