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MediCompare was founded in 2014 and offers a simple way to compare health insurance in the UK.

We set out to provide our customers with the best policies and prices available for health cover. We believe that the cost of private insurance can sometimes help patients save money money on travelling. By getting seen quicker, you do not have to miss days off work or spend money managing your symptoms because you get seen quicker. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you the best options and policies that the industry has to offer.

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Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is a valuable employee benefit that can provide financial protection to your employees’ families in the event of their death. It can also help attract and retain top talent by demonstrating your commitment to their well-being.

By getting a quote for group life insurance, you can customise the coverage to meet your business’s needs and budget. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to provide your employees with peace of mind, and it can help reduce your company’s tax liabilities.

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Relevant Life Plan 

A relevant life plan is a tax-efficient life insurance policy that is designed for small business owners and directors. It allows you to provide your employees with a valuable benefit without incurring any personal tax liabilities or National Insurance contributions.

As a business owner, offering a relevant life plan to your employees can be a cost-effective way to provide them with financial protection, which can help boost their morale and loyalty to your company. Additionally, since the premiums for relevant life plans are tax-deductible, they can help reduce your corporation tax bill.

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Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance is an important type of business insurance that can help protect your company’s financial stability in the event of the loss of a key employee. It can cover the costs of hiring and training a replacement employee, as well as any loss of revenue or business opportunities.

As a business owner, you have invested a significant amount of time, effort, and resources in your company. Key person insurance can be a crucial component of your risk management strategy and can provide peace of mind in case of unexpected events.

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Partnership Protection Insurance

Partnership protection insurance is a valuable type of business insurance that can help protect your business in the event of a partner’s death or serious illness.

It can cover the cost of buying out the partner’s share of the business and ensuring continuity of operations. It’s a smart investment that can help avoid potential legal disputes and financial difficulties.

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Health Cash Plans

Health cash plans are a cheap alternative to medical insurance and are ideal for routine procedures such as physiotherapy treatment, lens prescriptions, and dental appointments.

You can usually spend up to 6 times what you spend on them each year, meaning if your plan costs you £100, you can spend up to £600 on dental, optical or physio costs.

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Shareholder Protection Insurance

Shareholder protection insurance is an important type of business insurance provides essential coverage in the event of a shareholder’s death or serious illness. With this insurance, you can avoid legal disputes and ensure the continuity of your company. Contact us today to get a quote and secure the future of your business.

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Business Health Insurance

Business Health Insurance

Business health insurance is offered by employers to support their staff with health and wellbeing. It’s considered a great employee benefit, giving employees access to private GPs, physiotherapy, private nurse helplines and a health check.

There is also  the option to upgrade to private consultations, diagnosis tests and private hospital treatment, dental and optical treatment, stress support and more.

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Life Insurance

A life insurance policy is an agreement or contract that helps you to make sure your loved ones will be looked after in the case of your passing. In exchange for a monthly payment (or premium) the provider will payout a death benefit.

MediCompare can match you with an ideal life insurance provider, even if you are aged 50, 60, 70, or 80.

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Sports Team Insurance

Managers and athletes can receive cover for things ranging from health conditions, injuries, sports equipment, training, travel, sports venues and more. MediCompare can find you your ideal Sports Health Insurance or Sports Accident Insurance. This can be great for people whose sport is  professional, semi-pro or recreational.

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Who do we work with?

MediCompare have partnered with some of the leading insurance providers in the country to help match you with the best policies for you. We work with a wide range of providers to get you the best rates and cover possible.

Why should I use an insurance comparison website?

By applying through just one company directly, you would be limited to their policies and prices. By using a comparison service like MediCompare, you can access to multiple quotations and plans all in one place, making sure you get the best possible deal.

Are insurance comparisons free?

Yes, at MediCompare we will match you with your perfect policy for free. We are a broker and not a direct insurer, meaning your enquiry will be passed onto our network of trusted partners.

Our site is 100% free to use and to keep our site free of charge, we may receive an introductory fee from the insurer if your policy is taken out successfully.

How do I get my free quote?

Simply make an enquiry on one of our product pages or via our contact page! We will review the type of cover you have applied for and put you in touch directly with the insurer that offers the best rates and cover.

The selected insurer will then contact you by phone or email within minutes to discuss your options and the type of cover you require.

Is it necessary to provide personal information to use an insurance comparison site?

Yes, we ask you a few relevant questions in order to provide you with the most accurate insurance quotes. This information includes your age and the type of cover you are looking for. This information will not be shared until we find your perfect match, at which point we will pass on your contact details so they can get in touch.

Is it safe to use an insurance comparison site?

Yes, MediCompare has a stellar TrustPilot rating, and we will not share your data with anyone except the insurance providers we match you with. The reason we pass your information to the insurance providers is so they can get in contact with you.