Family Health Insurance

Family Health insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that pays for private specialist medical and surgical expenses incurred by you and your family members.

Why should I take out cover with MediCompare?

There is so much distressing news about the NHS, including longer waiting times and reduced options for procedures. Private healthcare insurance will keep you covered.

When it comes to health care, bottom line, you want peace of mind. That goes for your entire family. Peace of mind comes in the form of private health insurance with access to eligible medical treatment and diagnosis when you need it the most and coverage of some or all of the costs of that care or treatment.

What type of health care insurance should I take out for myself and my family?

Coverage comes in hundreds of variations or possibilities. Coverage for your ‘family’ whether it’s one parent or two, one child or many, there is a package for you. But…

If choosing the correct policy sounds a bit overwhelming, MediCompare can help. We work with you to figure out what kind of coverage best suits you and your family’s needs. Then we swiftly check policies, offerings, and quotes from leading UK insurers. Next, we present you with the best quote for the best coverage, often in the same day. Our service is free and there is no obligation to buy. We will not share your details without your permission.

Comprehensive medical insurance is one of the most popular types of coverage. This is the traditional comprehensive cover that lets you arrange private care at a time that suits you, your spouse, and your children. And, it helps cover the cost of that care, depending on your policy. Some policies are especially designed so you can mix and match coverage options to suit your needs.

Family size will, of course, affect the cost of coverage. These factors can too: age, location, medical history, extent of coverage, excess, and no claims bonuses.

When researching health care for your spouse and children, you will want to consider these options or choices:

Cancer Care

Of course, no one wants to think about being diagnosed with cancer or having to arrange cancer care. But not having coverage when you need it could be a nightmare. You want to be in expert hands so look for a policy and/or company that can take care of you and your family in the event of a cancer diagnosis. If you don’t go for comprehensive coverage there are policies that will cover your cancer treatment and care after you’ve been diagnosed by the NHS. Whichever policy you choose, look for one that also offers over-the-phone support from specialist nurses during any cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Pre-existing conditions

Any medical condition that you’ve been treated for in the last five years (prior to taking out the new policy) will be excluded from coverage for the first two years of your new policy. This is called a ‘moratorium period’. However, as long as you’re completely free of any form of treatment or have not taken any medical advice for that condition for a consecutive 2 year period (after you start the new policy), you will be covered for it in the future within the benefits of your plan.

Keep in mind that most private medical insurers usually DO NOT cover chronic conditions.

Mental Health Cover

You’ll want to look at cover for in-patient, day-patient and out-patient treatment when it comes to mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. The coverage of out-patient specialist consultations i.e. psychologists, psychotherapists and cognitive behavioural therapists is particularly helpful.

Looking to Lower the Cost of your Family’s Private Health Care? 




Group family insurance v Individual

Family Insurance policies are less expensive than taking out individual policies for each family member. Depending on the company, their normal pricing structure makes this possible while others may offer a ‘special’ family discount. Also, look for free child insurance included with certain policies.

Pay a Higher Excess

On a comprehensive medical insurance policy, there is something called an excess. This is the portion you are responsible for paying for any health care procedure, hospital stay, etc. and your insurance company covers the rest. So, when you select your policy, you may choose to pay a larger excess and this, in turn, lowers your monthly premium payments.

Cash Back Plan for your Health Care Services

Some plans will pay up to 80% of dentist charges, prescription glasses and contact lenses with a set maximum per year.

Self-Pay Protect:

This type of plan pays for specialist care that is elective and short-term. Any sort of treatment that is expected to restore your health to the same or possibly even better condition than you experienced before treatment. This type of policy will not cover long-term treatment like a comprehensive policy would. So, Self-Pay Protect is perfect for paying for treatment as and when you need it and avoiding the payment of high premiums. Often there is an option of a self-pay scheme that reimburses you up to 75% of the treatment cost.

Additional Benefits

Some insurers even offer very nice discounts on the services of some of the UK’s biggest names in health and wellbeing, travel, leisure, retail, & home entertainment. They see this as another way of keeping their customers healthy mentally and physically. It’s a nice perk!

Still not sure what you want and/or need a policy? Contact MediCompare. We are always happy to help.