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Leading property finance lenders MT Finance have joined forces with Prevent Breast Cancer, marking a significant step towards the charity’s aim of a breast cancer-free future. 

This partnership is a huge boost for the charity not only in providing financial support for important research but also in raising awareness and encouraging community engagement in the fight against breast cancer.

Who Are MT Finance?

MT Finance was established in 2008 by Joshua Elash and Tomer Aboody, born out of a critical need for alternative funding solutions during the financial crisis. Traditional high-street banks were failing to meet the demands for quick and flexible financial support, leading to the creation of MT Finance. 

mt finance

Since then, the company has grown into a multi-award-winning specialist finance lender, renowned for its bridging finance and buy-to-let mortgage products. They are committed to providing fast, flexible and efficient financial solutions, helping countless borrowers achieve their aspirations.

How Did The Partnership Begin?

The connection between MT Finance and Prevent Breast Cancer began with a charity football match in 2022. The event, aimed at raising funds and awareness, marked the start of a growing partnership.

For two consecutive years, the company has organised the charity football match “Victory at Villa Park,” where they donated £200 for every goal scored. These matches raised over £4,000 in 2022 and £5,150 in 2023. 

Beyond fundraising events, MT Finance also uses its platform to raise awareness about the critical work of Prevent Breast Cancer through blog posts and other online content.

Joshua Elash, Founding Director of MT Finance, addressed why the cause is important to him, saying, “Breast cancer touches the lives of too many people. Too many of us have either been directly impacted by this terrible cancer or we have friends whose loved ones have been. My own family has lost loved ones to this awful disease.”

He continued, “Whilst treatment is so important, we were drawn to the approach taken by Prevent Breast Cancer towards preventing it to begin with. Prevention is always preferable to treatment. We were incredibly happy to support PBC and would urge as many other people as possible to follow suit”.

Numerous breast cancer charities are performing vital work across the country, but Prevent Breast Cancer stands out as the only UK-based charity entirely dedicated to the prediction and prevention of breast cancer. Their proactive approach focuses on early diagnosis, screening and lifestyle changes.

What Does a Breast Cancer-Free Future Mean?

The ultimate goal shared by MT Finance and Prevent Breast Cancer is a future without breast cancer; a future free from the pain, fear and grief associated with the disease. 

Prevent Breast Cancer

Prevent Breast Cancer’s mission is ambitious but achievable with the support of individuals and organisations alike. MT Finance’s involvement sets a powerful example, and there are numerous ways other businesses can contribute. Whether through fundraising, awareness campaigns or direct donations, every effort counts.

For more information about Prevent Breast Cancer and ways you can donate, visit their website


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