Telephone Answering Services For Doctors & GPs

If you are a GP or medical practice with busy phone lines and hefty staff costs, you could massively increase efficiency with the help of an outsourced customer service provider.

Our partners at InTouchNow are a team of UK customer service agents who specialise in telephone answering and switchboard operator solutions for busy GP surgeries and clinics. So if you are looking to reduce waiting times and save patients from waiting endlessly on the phone, you can use the button provided and get a free quote today.

Your phone calls can be easily integrated using their technology and your technology to make a seamless transition for customers – and take the headache out of your clinic and staff each day.

We can help you with:

  • Outsourced customer services for clinics
  • Switchboard operator services
  • Telephone answering services
  • Virtual receptionists
  • Out of hours call centre

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What is an Outsourced Call Centre For GPs?

With an outsourced call centre, all phone calls are directed to a trained team of customer agents who work somewhere remotely across the UK and they answer the phone calls on your behalf. All the information of the customer and the calls are documented automatically using technology so there is a clear trail and sharing of information. 

For GPs and Doctors, the service from InTouchNow means that an outsourced team can book all the necessary appointments, give medical results, do medical referrals and arrange follow ups so that the Doctors and their staff can focus on running the practice or clinic and not get bombarded or overwhelmed with constant calls.

From an efficiency perspective, a practice could have multiple sales agents in different locations on the phone, rather than clogging up just one or two phone lines and keeping sick and vulnerable patients waiting on the phone for a long time. This could make booking appointments far easier for clinics and far better for patients.

What Are The Pros of Using a Telephone Answering Service For GPs?

More efficiency – For your staff who are swamped with endless phone calls and enquiries, the ability to outsource this and get patients sorted at a faster rate is very efficient for a fast paced and growing medical practice.

Value for money – For large clinics and those getting a high volume of calls and emails, the cost of using an outsourced call centre can be a big saving of potentially hundreds or thousands of pounds per month.

Integrated technology – Our partners will integrate their technology with yours and they have experience working with all kinds of tech platforms. This allows for data and patient information to be shared in real-time so a GP clinic can easily amend things or pull up information at a flash. All data and information is held securely between the clinic and its customer service team. 

Faster answer times – Rather than patients being 20th in the phone queue, the ability to answer phone calls immediately and arrange bookings, tests or referrals is incredibly efficient for both the practice and its patients. This can contribute to a good positive experience for customers and increase retention of patients.

Feedback and reviews welcome – With the use of our technology, it is possible to give regular feedback between both us and the clinic and there is the opportunity to do spot checks and review our work at your convenience.

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What Kind of Medical Practices Do You Offer Switchboard Services For?

  • GPs, Private and NHS Practices, Surgeries and Clinics
  • Dentists/Orthodontists/Periodontists/Maxilofacial
  • Opticians/Optometrists
  • Hospitals / Walk in Centres
  • Paediatricians
  • Chiropodists
  • Physiotherapists/Osteopaths/Chiropractors
  • Urologists
  • ENT Specialists

How Much Does an Outsourced Customer Service Solution For GPs Cost?

The cost of an outsourced customer call centre for GP practices is typically a few thousand pounds per month and we encourage clinics to get a personalised quote from our partners at InTouchNow. 

There may be a set-up and integration fee to begin with and also a fee to train additional staff, but typically there is a monthly fee to work with an outsourced telephone answering service.

The cost may be higher or lower depending on the volumes you have that particular month, with the option to always extend for out of hours support and weekends if need be.

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Where Can I Get a Switchboard Answering Service in the UK?

InTouchNow has a full customer support team based in the UK and Wales, and this can ensure good quality and consistency without any language or accent barriers. 

The use of customer service centre overseas can be very cheap, but the quality and reputation is not always on par with the expectations of customers. But having a team in the same country allows for a smooth transition and best practice, whilst also keeping within the same time zone.

Can I Get a 24/7 Telephone Answering For My GP or Medical Practice?

Yes, InTouchNow operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, with the option of support on weekends, out of hours and bank holidays to give you all the support you need.

So if you work in a busy clinic or hospital, you will know that it is 24 hours a day and never stops and our customer service team is here to support you every step of the way.

Can Your Customer Agents Give Medical Advice Over The Phone?

No, our customer agents are not qualified to give medical advice over the phone and this is not recommended. To get the maximum value, the InTouchNow team can assist with appointment booking, referrals, out of hours, test results and more.

Whilst our customer service advisors are very well trained internally and reviewed regularly, we always run a full training and handover with every client before they begin. So when we start working on your behalf, we are 100% ready to answer for your clinic or practice and can answer every kind of question and query.

Why Use InTouchNow?

As a family business that has been operating for more than 30 years, we have specialised in GP telephone answering and switchboard operating solutions. We have helped more than 800 GP clinics to date and answer more than 100,000 calls per year.

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We are proud to have a full team of customer service experts based in the UK which allows us to maintain the best quality possible and some of our staff have worked with us for more than 20 years.

In addition, we are delighted to be ISO certified for quality management, business continuity and information security.

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