UK’s First Lifestyle Insurance Brand Launches

4th July 2018 By Anon

The UK’s first lifestyle insurance brand, yulife, has just launched this summer. Founded by former Vitality CEO, Sammy Rubin, the insurance tech start up allows a simple digital product of life insurance to be sold directly to businesses and individuals.

What is yulife?

Based in Camden, the team of 30 allows firms to provide life insurance policies for their staff and they will receive rewards for keeping healthy. Using the app, users will receive rewards, discounts and other employee benefits for reaching certain goals, such as walking a certain number of miles, going to the gym and more. The app will be promoted by some brand ambassadors to encourage participation – and hence it becomes the UK’s first lifestyle insurance product.


yulife Benefits:

  • Motivate staff
  • Demonstrate interest in staff wellbeing
  • Staff have access to rewards, discounts and more for lifestyle products (gyms, massages, beauty therapy)

The founders of the company explained:

“Life insurance is an incredible product, but needs to evolve to fit the needs of a new generation. We are building the world’s first lifestyle insurance business to put the customer at the centre. Rapid advances in consumer health technology and shifting attitudes mean that people want more from their insurance company. We want to rise to that challenge and help our customers to be the best version of themselves.”

“We’re a new type of insurance company that uses behavioural science and artificial intelligence to help build deeper and more rewarding relationships with our customers. As a startup, we have rebuilt the insurance infrastructure from the ground up to support our long-term vision of creating a new type of insurance company that is simple, easy and fun to engage with.”

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