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TieTa Sees Huge Growth in Covid-Testing

A new company based in Banbury, Oxfordshire has seen a huge demand for covid-testing resources, MediCompare reports.

TieTa is a customers services agency, which offers a white-labelled solution for other companies who need external support for things like dialer management, complaints handling, appointment booking, customer support and more – but on a much larger scale.

With a team of highly experienced and dedicated customer support agents who have spent years working in an FCA regulated environment, the company has seen a very interesting pivot into assisting those firms who are carrying out covid-testing.

COO, Tom Horne, explained:

“I don’t think we or the client expected such a massive volume of enquiries (for covid testing). But essentially there are 3 types of covid tests – a general test, fit-to-fly test and the day 2 and day 8 test if you are isolating. 

We have been able to offer the full customer service experience for companies that specialise in covid-testing including the bookings, test results and ongoing queries such as email, phone call, SMS, social media, live chat and everything else.

We saw a need for good outsourcing in this area and when the government approved list came out with the clinics offering covid tests – I think a lot of the clinics were just overwhelmed with the number of enquiries they were getting. One of our clients had a huge backlog of queries that they simply could not deal with – and this was a great time to get TieTa involved.

“Covid testing companies have been overwhelmed with customer service enquiries – and this was a great time to get TieTa involved.” – Tom Horne, TieTa COO

How Does TieTa Work?

TieTa allows you to hire customer service agents, who are based in the company’s local premises in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

There is a training procedure to bring agents up to speed with your company, whether you work in retail, financial services or medical testing. This training ensures that TieTa can truly be an extension of your team, making sure that we answer queries in the right tone of voice, follow the correct scripts and procedures accordingly.

For clients, their technology is integrated with TieTa’s system, so all calls and correspondence is monitored, reported and fed back to the client’s system, making it a seamless process.

TieTa enable companies to scale up or scale down as many extra agents as they wish, with some firms only using TieTa for out-of-hours support or as an overflow service.

TieTa CEO Caroline Walton explained:

“We want to be a real partner of your business and learn with you too. The insights you get from your customers can be extremely valuable and we want to pass on this feedback and make your business as strong as possible. For the moment though, you can focus on what you do best and let TieTa take care of the rest!”

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