Nutra Tea Launches Tea Range to Help with Medical Conditions

21st November 2019 By Daniel Tannenbaum

A new tea brand has launched in London to offer remedies for everyday health conditions.

The brand, Nutra Tea, was founded after 3 years of research and development, sourcing tea ingredients from over 20 countries and taking time to perfect the taste.


Customers can purchase a pack of 20 teas from just £4.99 each with products including NutraRelax for sleep and anxiety, NutraLiver for alcohol cleansing and liver recovery and NutraBoost to give you energy.

NutraBoost is a natural herbal tea to boost energy
NutraRelax can help with anxiety and sleep

The founder of Nutra Tea explained “With most teas that you find on the high street and in the supermarkets, they will usually only have a very small amount of mint, ginger or honey and lemon and the rest of it is additives.”

“At Nutra Tea, we offer 100% of that ingredient, our NutraBoost is made 100% of Ginseng and Goti Kola, with zero additives. The flavour is usually a lot more intense, that is why retailers will water it down with over substances, but we have spent years finding the perfect balance so it tastes great too. “

The founder continued, “We want to change perceptions about modern medicine, because I think people today are a lot more open-minded to try different products such as CBD and other alternatives.”

“We want to explain that you can get everything you need from a herbal tea, and if you have headaches or trouble sleeping, you may or may not have to rely on heavy medication – and a Nutra Tea could be all you need!

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