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How to Lose Weight Naturally

By November 30, 2017No Comments

As you may be aware, there is a fair amount of bad weight loss information floating around on the internet concerning weight loss. Most of the advice that it out there is very questionable, and is certainly not based on facts found by science.


However, there are ways to lose weight in a natural way, ways which can be backed up by scientific evidence. Here are a few ways in which you can aid your weight loss journey naturally.

Add Protein to your Diet

Protein is the king of nutrients when it comes to weight loss. Your body will burn calories when you digest the protein that you eat. Therefore, a high protein diet can actually boost your metabolism by up to 80-100 calories per day!

Having a diet that is high in protein can also make you feel as though you are full more quickly, meaning your appetite will be reduced and you will eat less overall. Studies have shown that people who stick to a high protein diet eat 400 calories less on average per day. 

Avoid Processed Foods


It is widely known that processed foods are packed with added sugars, fats and lots of calories.  

Furthermore, processed foods are designed to make you not feel full and want to continue eating. Some people can fall into the trap of becoming addicted to processed food and putting a lot of weight on.

Limit your Intake of Sugar

This is more specific to added sugars, however you should still try and keep down your intake of sugar in general. 

It probably comes with no surprise that eating lots of added sugar is linked to some diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It is a problem that added sugar is often hidden in various processed foods. Therefore, you may be consuming a lot more sugar than you are aware of. 

Drink Plenty of Water 


Drinking water is essential to hydration and well being, and is also a weight loss aid. Drinking 0.5 liter may actually increase the number of calories that your body burns by up to 30% for an hour following.

Drinking water can also decrease your appetite for the better. It is the case that your body can mistake its dehydration and need for water for hunger, and therefore you can overeat. 

Swapping out high calorie and sugary drinks for water will also help you along your way to losing weight. Reduce the amount of carbonated drinks, and avoid them completely if possible. They are packed with sugar and additives, and actually cause dehydration. 

Reduce How Much Alcohol you Drink 


Alcoholic beverages are not only usually very sugary, but they can be extremely high in calories. People often refer to alcohol as “empty calories” since it is not food, but still totals up in your daily allowance of calories that you can intake.  

Alcohol can be good for you in moderation, but if you wish to lose weight you should really not binge drink. To find out more about the health benefits of wine, click here.

Eat More Fibre 

Foods which are rich in fibre can seriously help with weight loss. Foods which contain water-soluble fibre may be especially helpful as this kind of fibre will help to increase the feeling of fullness. The great thing about fibre is that it will make us not want to overeat, but without having to think about it. 

Eat More Eggs 

Something that a lot of people do not know is that eggs are great in aiding weight loss. Not only are the cheap, but they are low in calories whilst being high in protein and a bundle of nutrients. 

As mentioned, high-protein food have been shown to reduce your appetite and increase fullness. It has been said that eating eggs for breakfast is likely to cause up to 65% greater weight loss over the space of 8 weeks. 



To lead a healthy lifestyle in general you should do some form of exercise. Walking, running, cycling, jogging or the like are great ways to burn calories while improving both your mental and physical health. Cardio has been proven to reduce your risk of developing heart disease and helps to reduce body weight. 

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