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How Laser Hair Removal Technology Works

By June 4, 2021No Comments

Laser hair removal has been around for the last two decades but in the last few years it’s seen a huge amount of progression. The technology was first developed in the mid-90s and offered a less sophisticated version of what’s around today.

Today, laser hair removal technologies are experiencing huge amounts of change and are becoming one of the most sought-after technologies in the beauty world. But how has laser hair removal technology changed over the last few years? And what improvements have customers seen?

Treatment For More Hair Types

Laser hair removal technology depends upon different types of lasers with different wavelengths to remove unwanted hair. The light from the laser is converted into heat which damages the hair follicle preventing regrowth.


In the early stages of laser hair technology, there were two different wavelengths which allowed those with dark hair and light skin to remove any unwanted hair. Today, we have a wider range of laser wavelengths which have been developed to remove hair from a wide variety of skin types and hair colours.

This is one reason why it’s important for you to have tests done to determine your hair type and skin type before you undergo laser hair removal therapy. This means that your clinician will be able to determine the correct wavelength for you.

Safer And Faster Procedures

Customers who had them receiving laser hair removal therapy for some time say that they feel safer and more comfortable in salons today. Recent advancements in the field of laser hair removal mean that procedures are much quicker than they used to be.

In addition, the treatment has now been around for much longer which means that the effects have been well tested and customers feel more comfortable and safer undergoing the procedure.

Less Pain For Customers

Recent advancements in the field have made the procedure comfortable and less painful. Many customers are now choosing laser hair removal over waxing or shaving in terms of their comfort and the end result. Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable, but many customers find it to be an easier experience than waxing, for example.

Improvements In Laser Hair Removal Machines

Over the last few years, the machines and technologies responsible for laser hair removal have seen massive improvements. New devices and machines have been introduced as the older models are phased out of use. New models of laser hair removal devices use the radiofrequency technology, which combines light and heat-based methods and allows for repeated heating of the hair without damaging the skin around it.

These improvements to laser hair removal devices have improved the efficiency of the treatment and reduced side effects.

More Experience Laser Specialists

Since the technology was first introduced to the beauty and wellness market, laser technicians have become better trained and more experienced. Technicians are now well trained and certified to perform the treatment, which means you can feel comfortable and safe using laser hair removal.

The current training for laser specialists focuses on performing the procedure as well as advising patients on post-treatment care. This means that your laser technician can advise you the best way to heal and minimise potential side effects.

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