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How To Make Washrooms More Hygienic

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Where it is in a shopping centre, school, music or sports venue, the toilets and washrooms are likely to be used by thousands of people – and keeping them hygienic is not easy. With germs easily spread and lots of people walking in and out and passing germs through their shoes and what they stand in – it poses potential risks to the public too. With this in mind, MediCompare highlights some of the key ways to make washrooms more hygienic, with reference to information from Focus Washrooms.



Washtrough are very large basins that can be used by numerous people at once. It eliminates standing water by being positioned at a slight angle, to ensure the water runs off properly. The trough is usually made using a material known as Krion which is highly durable and has anti-bacterial properties. Plus, the troughs are wide and deep so people can access them easily and wash their hands effectively.

Hygienic Wall Cladding

This is essentially a type of wall, made of a UV stabilized material, that makes it easy to clean and offers antimicrobial protection. You will commonly see it in kitchens where food is prepared and of course, hospitals and surgeries. It is typically required as part of regulatory standards and comes in a range of colours.


Toilet Hygiene

Some simple basics of toilet hygiene are also essential including urinal cakes, soap regularly available in dispensers, signs that encourage people to wash hands, hand towels available (individuals are better than the rolling ones) and also having staff on hand to clean the floors regularly so people do not walk out with bits on their shoes.

Keeping toilets and washrooms hygienic should be an organised and planned affair for schools, especially where there are young people present and vulnerable to pick up bugs. Equally, anyone with a large footfall of people would benefit from a carefully designed and planned washroom to be hygienic.

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